Have you ever dreamed of doing something, but not taken action on it because your inner critic says “Don’t be silly”?
Start by reminding your fears that they don’t get to decide what you do.
Give yourself permission to get excited, energized, and inspired by what you really want!

Then take a lesson from the old donkey who fell into a dried-out well.
The farmer, who had no idea how to get him out, finally decided to just bury him right there,
because the donkey was old and the well needed to be filled in anyway.
Well, the donkey saw the shovels of dirt coming in and realized what was happening, and cried out furiously.
Then he suddenly stopped, shook off each shovel of dirt, and used it to take a step up.
You should have seen the farmer’s face when the donkey took that final step and jumped right over the wall and trotted off!
So decide what you want to do, break it down into doable steps and get going! That means every day!
Whatever goals or intentions you set for how you want to live your life, do something toward it every day!
As Yoda said, “Do or not do. There is no try.”

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Why did Walt Disney say, “If you can dream it, you can DO it” – instead of you can HAVE it? Could it be because your dreams are ultimately not about having something, they’re about doing something and sharing it with the world. One important thing to know is that your dreams and your goals are not somewhere “out there” – they’re inside of you. They’re already there. Look at your passions, your talents, and your natural gifts. What do you love to do, right from the bottom of your heart? What are you good at? And how can it...

Goals: results or process-oriented?

Coddiwomple Goals

Goals have been an important part of my life as far back as I can remember. I’ve always known what I want to achieve, and then taken action to get there as directly and quickly as possible. After all, how could you get anywhere if you don’t know where you’re headed? And what good are goals if they’re not specific and results-oriented? (Yes, I’m a Type A over-achiever!) Recently, I came across this coddiwomple concept: do something purposefully, but without knowing where it will lead. What an amazing idea! And what a relief to know that I don’t have to...

Do or do not: really?

Do or do not

Do or do not. There is no try. I’ve always lived by Yoda’s  mantra. When something excites me, I let my heart propel me full steam ahead, and never let something the size of a speed bump become a roadblock. I’m on a quest – a mission to achieve that dream, to conquer that skill, and do whatever it takes to get it right.  Achieve at all costs. The trouble is, between do or do not, there is, indeed, a middle ground (or so I’ve heard!) People tell me it’s a beautiful place, full of balance and harmony, where all...

Pre-Performance Anxiety Reinterpreted

pre-performance anxiety reinterpreted as joy and excitement

Pre-Performance Anxiety Reinterpreted “Research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology shows that instead of trying to calm yourself down, ‘reappraising pre-performance anxiety as excitement’ is often advantageous. When you suppress pre-event nerves, you are inherently telling yourself that something is wrong. Not only does this make the situation worse, but it takes emotional and physical energy to fight off the feeling of anxiety – energy that could be better spent on the task at hand… Simply telling yourself ‘I am excited’ shifts your demeanor from what they call a threat mindset (stressed out and apprehensive) to an opportunity mindset...

Go Get Those Dreams!

Find your dreams, if you can dream you can do it

Let go of results! That’s not your job. Really, really – your parents were wrong! It’s not about work and it’s not about trying. Yoda was right – there is no TRY!