You have acquired so much skill and experience over the years! Why are you hiding? Share your gifts with the world.
There are people out there that would benefit so much from those talents in you that you take for granted as ordinary.
Volunteer in an organization whose cause you care about. Become a museum or tour guide.
Get involved in your municipal council. Mentor young kids. Think about how can you repurpose your skills.
You have acquired a lot of wisdom over the years – get out there and share it!
Don’t settle for wandering aimlessly though the rest of your life – you can do better than that.

Barriers or Challenges?

Barriers Or Challenges

There are so many different types of emotional, physical and mental barriers in our life! A big one for many newly retired people has to do with that feeling of having nothing to do, no purpose and no place to go. Freedom feels like a barrier instead of an exciting challenge. What about you? Is  there something you wish you could do, but don’t dare? Look again: are they barriers or challenges in front you? So many well-wishers have said, “Don’t limit your challenges; challenge your limits.” Easy to say, not so easy to do! I often have this crazy...