There are a lot of superfoods around that have made the news. But that’s largely a matter of what some group of scientists has decided to study. Can a hockey team win the game with one superstar surrounded by a team of poor players?
Unlikely. It’s the entire team effort together that wins the game. So it is with food, eat good food.

The pattern of eating associated with the lowest rates of chronic diseases and the highest life expectancies
is the Mediterranean diet. This is not just here say – it’s backed up by 50 years of scientific research.
And it’s actually not a diet at all, but a way of eating that focuses on fresh vegetables and fruits,
whole grains, olive oil, legumes, and small portions of protein, mostly from fish and chicken.


minestrone vegetable soup

A great way to warm up as the weather gets cold and at the same time, give yourself an extra serving of vegetables!