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rise above impossible

Rise Above Impossible!

Why do we let others decide what’s possible or not? How do they know? And what’s their motivation? So often it’s fear, conformity, or lack of imagination. At one point, people said it was impossible to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Then Roger Bannister did it – and so did others. Clearly, we...

Inner Critic

My Inner Critic Speaks Up

Do you ever wonder why you remain filled with fear, uncertainty and doubt, no matter what you achieve? And do you ever wonder why feeling happy seems so dependent on people and events around you? That’s because of me, your Inner Critic. I make sure you keep looking for that happy feeling from praise and...

pre-performance anxiety reinterpreted as joy and excitement

Pre-Performance Anxiety Reinterpreted

Pre-Performance Anxiety Reinterpreted “Research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology shows that instead of trying to calm yourself down, ‘reappraising pre-performance anxiety as excitement’ is often advantageous. When you suppress pre-event nerves, you are inherently telling yourself that something is wrong. Not only does this make the situation worse, but it takes emotional and...

How to feel wonderful, fabulous me

How to Feel Wonderful

You know that feeling when you’re so full of love, So radiant and light, So centered, so vibrant and oh so alive? That’s called alignment between body and soul, Between you and that magical Being inside. It’s not a straight line It’s not rigid, or hard.