Do or do not: really?

Do or do not

Do or do not. There is no try.

I’ve always lived by Yoda’s  mantra. When something excites me, I let my heart propel me full steam ahead, and never let something the size of a speed bump become a roadblock. I’m on a quest – a mission to achieve that dream, to conquer that skill, and do whatever it takes to get it right.  Achieve at all costs.

The trouble is, between do or do not, there is, indeed, a middle ground (or so I’ve heard!) People tell me it’s a beautiful place, full of balance and harmony, where all out, do or die effort is not needed. It’s like being in the ocean, they tell me, letting the salt water help keep you afloat and using the waves to nudge you along.

Hmm… sounds like it could actually be nice. I can stop being a warrior. With activities like exercise or dance practice, the “do not” option may actually be the perfect thing for some days, when my body is screaming for rest and recovery. Perfect can wait another day.

I realize that there is a difference between do and overdo. If something is good, more is not always better. There are shades of gray that will actually get me further faster, (although it still seems counter-intuitive). So my intention going forward is to relax and enjoy the journey – and trust that the path I’m on will lead me either to my dream – or something better. I’ll get there, even if I don’t run, even if I’m not perfect.

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