Does retirement make you feel like your familiar world has come to an end?
Well, the caterpillar thought so too – then it turned into a beautiful butterfly!
You, too, are about to transform; so here are some interactive tools to help you discover
the why, what, and how of creating a retirement filled with passion and purpose.


Have the courage to get going with passion

Retirement is the perfect time to reinvent and redefine yourself.
Think about the beliefs and motivations that drive you.
Not sure what they are?
Click here for some questions and ideas to help you figure it out.

Retirement is not just a giant long weekend with no schedule, no direction and no goals.
Studies on aging have come up with a number of essential components of fulfilling retirements.
Read about them here and learn how to apply them to your life.

monkey painting, follow your passion
mouse and cheese painting, dream it

Walt Disney had a method for making wild, impossible dreams come true.
His motto was:
“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
This activity will introduce you to Disney’s get-it-done process and lead you through applying it to your retirement dreams.
Take the first step by clicking here.