Now that you’re not at work, there’s absolutely no excuse for sitting in a chair all day.
Sitting still and resting all day is actually bad for your health!
Regular exercise, on the other hand, has been found to have a positive effect
on your brain, bones, muscles, balance, and mood. You don’t even need to become a gym rat.
Just walking every day is beneficial; as is a stationary bicycle for indoor days.
Mix that with some stretching, or maybe an activity like yoga, pilates, dance, or a sport,
and movement changes from a chore to an enjoyable part of your lifestyle.
Your body is the vehicle in which you live – physical activity is one of the best ways to care for it.

How to make walking more interesting

Make walking more interesting

Does your daily walk around those same paths or streets get boring? It doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some ways to spice things up and make walking more interesting. Walk with a friend or join a walking club. A friend of mine does this and it really works! Not only does it give her people to socialize with, it’s motivating. Members of the group motivate each other and hold each other accountable, so “I think I’ll skip today” or “it’s cold out today” doesn’t cut it. This is peer pressure put to good use. So find a...

Wendy Suzuki: The Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise


How do you keep your brain sharp after you retire? Give it a workout! No, not a mental one – a physical one. In this humorous and entertaining Ted Talk, neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki recounts her personal experience as well as scientific research on the benefits of exercise on brain structure and function.