Go Get Those Dreams!

Find your dreams, if you can dream you can do it

Let go of results! That’s not your job. Really, really – your parents were wrong!
It’s not about work and it’s not about trying. Yoda was right – there is no TRY!
Just do it and feel good and know you’ll succeed, there is no fear and there is no doubt.
Those things aren’t real, so let them go, they’re just little monkeys doing some mischief
Trying to distract you and pull you off course.

So be who you are and do what you love, look at the world with rose-colored glasses.
Become Pollyanna, wear a permanent smile. Life’s meant to be awesome,
and amazing, and easy!

Hear that inner voice cheering you on, inspiring you to get out there and take all those chances. And do all those things you were told were impossible, and leap off that cliff with a smile and a roar. Knowing full well that your wings will appear, and you’ll fly and you’ll soar!

Enjoy the journey, enjoy the fun, appreciate the questions and issues you’ll face.
They’re part of the clarity and alignment you seek, and part of the process of fulfillment and joy. So turn up the volume on your inner voice, ride on the wind and do what feels good! Tune in. Turn on. Your dreams are waiting for you to let them in!


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