Love and Joy and Freedom and Fun

Love and Joy and Freedom and Fun

Why do people think it’s strange to say that life is all about love and joy and freedom and fun? It is! Even when you were in the height of your career, do you think it was those achievements that you loved so much? No, the joy you get from a result is very temporary. It’s actually the process of whatever you’re doing on a daily basis that gives you a sustained, long lasting good feeling. And when you’re retired, it’s no different. Your activities change. You’re not running that business anymore. But the challenge remains the same: find things to do that fill you with love and joy and freedom and fun.

I like to imagine a whole bunch of balloons filled with one or more these four positive feelings, hanging around just above our heads, waiting to be grabbed. They’re waiting to find a place to come alive and express themselves. You see, they can’t force themselves on us. We need to reach up and take hold of them. When we do, they come willingly because doing so gives them a home. Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert, for introducing this concept.

So what about all that horrific stuff going on around us in the world? And what about my back that’s hurting? Also, where are the things I’m missing because of how my world has changed in the last two years? Where’s all that love and joy and freedom and fun in this case? My answer: those balloons are still there! My task is to grab them and keep that internal light shining, no matter what is going on around me. And if there’s darkness around me, all the more reason to radiate that internal love and joy and freedom and fun and just maybe I can add a bit of light to that darkness.

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