Collage: Coming Out of Covid

Collage: Coming Out Of Covid

Doing collage is a great way for me to process emotions. Right now, I feel so many conflicting emotions about breaking free from Covid restrictions. I’m happy, for sure, that I can begin to socialize and get together with friends instead of just talk on the phone. But there’s also a bit of reticence. For the last two years, we’ve been “trained” to keep to our own little bubble, and not get too close to others. This collage is about all this. Notice that most of the various marks and paper pieces come near each other, but don’t touch, although some have made the brave move to get together in a group or reach out to another.

In general, it’s a playful, whimsical collage. That’s why I used a lot of bright colors and simple shapes – no sophisticated drawing! There’s markers, watercolor paint and different collage papers on there. Those tiny splashes of pink paint help to tie everything together, and the shapes and lines lead your eye around the page to create movement.

Collage is easy to do! Just grab a marker, some scraps of paper and some glue then tap into your inner child and have fun!

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