Happy Flowers

happy flowers

It was a day where I was feeling a lot of pressure and worry. Time for me paint some happy flowers and make the world go away for a while; so with a combination of watercolor, pen and collage, I created this bunch of over-the-top, silly, happy flowers.

I was shocked at how much joy this painting exuded, especially when I had gone into my studio feeling so down! Is this the real me? Wow! I like this person! And look at what else is showing in these happy flowers:

First there’s connection and support. Are the flowers happy because are touching each other, not standing alone? I unconsciously created this painting with each helping to support the other. It’s funny how painting is so often a mirror of the soul. Looking at these connected, happy flowers, I felt so blessed, because I realized that I have that kind of connection and support in my life with my friends and family.

Second, there’s the beauty of imperfection. These happy flowers are each wacky and weird in their own way. Yet they are showing off all those quirks, not hiding them. They own their joy – right here, right now, no matter what else is happening around them. How inspiring! I want  that, too! And do you notice that the pen lines aren’t perfectly straight and the circles aren’t perfectly round, yet they look great? Wow! Maybe I can finally let go of that trying to get those last 5 marks – I’m good the way I am!

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