Rise Above Impossible!

rise above impossible

Why do we let others decide what’s possible or not? How do they know? And what’s their motivation? So often it’s fear, conformity, or lack of imagination. At one point, people said it was impossible to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Then Roger Bannister did it – and so did others. Clearly, we can rise above impossible!

Look at all the Olympic athletes performing their personal best. They are not all setting world records, but so many are rising above their own impossible. I especially love the stories of the para-lympic athletes competing and winning medals despite major impairments. What courage!

I came face to face with some of my own limiting beliefs  when I watched Dancing with the Stars many years ago and something inside of me shouted “me too!”. But wait! I was 59 and had never done anything athletic or dance-related in my entire life. Could I do this crazy, impossible thing? Yes! My desire was stronger than my inner critic. So I dared to rise above impossible, and began that exhilarating, life-changing dance journey I’m still on. And did I tell you I started ballet lessons at 73?

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