Barriers or Challenges?

Barriers Or Challenges

There are so many different types of emotional, physical and mental barriers in our life! A big one for many newly retired people has to do with that feeling of having nothing to do, no purpose and no place to go. Freedom feels like a barrier instead of an exciting challenge. What about you? Is  there something you wish you could do, but don’t dare? Look again: are they barriers or challenges in front you? So many well-wishers have said, “Don’t limit your challenges; challenge your limits.”

Easy to say, not so easy to do! I often have this crazy conversation in my mind:

Why can’t you see them?
The barriers are everywhere!
Don’t go there, they shout.
It’s not safe or familiar!
Be careful, they scream,
You might hurt yourself there
And that would be terrible
Because you’ll surely not heal;
You’ll be a cripple for life
Or worse yet, a corpse!
And what if you go for it
And crash through that block
Then others will see
that you’re really not perfect?
You know they’ll not love you
You’ll be abandoned forever
All alone in the world.
So stay safe where you are
In that jail called normal.
It’s comfortable and familiar.
And predictably certain.

Hey, who is that talking?
It’s not really you!
It’s that monkey in your mind
Playing tricks there again.
Spouting ideas that are no longer true
At least not for you!
Now look! There are wide open spaces
between all those barriers
Are they barriers or challenges?
Yes, they’re challenges to guide you,
not stop you at all!
So go right through those barriers.
Consider them challenges.

They’re not nearly as high
or as big as you think.
Welcome uncertainty – it brings possibility
You and your life are so very great.
Choose to be happy and daring and brave.
Reach out for that challenge – and even beyond.
Then go out and grab what’s waiting for you!

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