Get Out of that Hole!

Get out of that hole

“I walk down the street. There’s a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in. I am lost. I am helpless.” (Portia Nelson)

What’s happened to people?
I don’t understand!
So many around me wear a scowl or a sigh
with emotions so angry, so sad, so depressed.

That hole in the sidewalk has pulled them all in
so deep and so dark
they can’t see where they are,
much less get out of that hole!

I’m out in the sunshine and I so want to help!
“Get out of that hole” I cheerfully shout.
But instead I get yelled at.
They say I’m too happy, too bold, too direct;
They think I’m so wrong!

And maybe I am all those things that they say!
I need to be patient and see things from their side.
They can’t just jump and get out of that hole.
The light’s too intense.
So I need to reach out without falling in.
Help them to see another side to their dim, dark thoughts.
And send a wee crack of light down that hole in the sidewalk
Maybe questions or suggestions
Rather than orders or cheerleading with no understanding.

Their angry words visit but I don’t let them linger;
So I’m there when they’re ready to climb out step by step.
And if they’re not ready, so be it. I’ll wait.
But I’ll wait in the sunshine,
And refuse to fall in to that hole in the sidewalk.
I’m out in the sunshine and it really feels grea.
So get out of that hole and please join me out here.

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