That Transformation Called Retirement

Retirement is a transformation

Is retirement creating an identity crisis for you?  For so many people, retirement is really scary transformation. While at work, you felt like you were part of something. You were productive and useful. You had an identity that was all wrapped up around what you did and what you accomplished. Now what? The vast unknown looms over you and you’re lost and confused.

Let go

A quote by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu is relevant here. He said, “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” What a brilliant way to look at the transformation you undergo when you retire! Who you are now is merely the end of one adventure and the beginning of the next. Life is a journey meant to help you morph and change and grow more incredible with each challenge and stage of life you experience. Look at those tiny seeds that become big, beautiful flowers; and the lowly caterpillar that transforms into a delicate, winged creature called a butterfly.

Embrace the transformation

Trust your journey and the transformation it brings. That means enjoy who you were, but don’t hold on to it and don’t look back. You see, all the things you’ve done in life have been leading up to this magic moment. You’ve been walking along the path of life collecting skills and talents, experiences and wisdom, that together form this incredible person, this incredible person called YOU. It’s time to consider how you can bring your natural talents and passions into your daily life. It’s time to finally live your passion and transfer your skills to a new domain. There are so many ways to be of service in a new way! Or to indulge in those fantasies you’ve put aside for so long!

Are you ready?

Yes, I know it’s scary. I know it’s a bit like going down a rabbit hole and not knowing what you’re going to find. But remember Alice? She found a Wonderland! And Dorothy found the yellow brick road, where all kind of terrific dreams came true! Are you ready for a magical transformation?

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